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C: DoF: Chapter 6
Necro snorted and tightly held Crash's necklace in his grasp as he evaded any boxes laying around in his way. "You're really determined to have your necklace, eh? Not like Necro gives a flip!" Crash picked up his running pace - the adrenaline could keep him running for hours. "There’s no way you could keep that necklace in your clutches and survive me!" He jumped over crates and obstacles, not letting Necro leave his sight. Necro smirked and flipped a lever he just passed, opening up a cage nearby and out ran out a newly designed Titan, they call an Devitean. A hybrid of a Carnotaurus, a Pit Viper, and a Lobster - giving it's body an outer shell of protection. The new Titan roared out and chased the two bandicoots.
Crash was startled to see this new Titan, let alone be chased by it, but he believed he had the energy to pull it all off. Aku Aku was floating behind him, trying to keep up with Crash. Crash, under his breath, called to Aku Aku. "Hey, Aku? You think you can jack this
:iconxxabandonedpunsxx:xXAbandonedPunsXx 4 0
C: Dof: Chapter 10
Aku Aku turned back to Coco. ”Monsuta and Uka Uka had taken half the special Mojo and fled. As for us, we didn’t make in time to encounter them.” Crash added in. ”And now we have a bigger problem on our hands now that they’ve got the mojo on theirs.” Aku Aku turned back to Coco. ”Monsuta and Uka Uka had taken half the special Mojo and fled. As for us, we didn’t make in time to encounter them.” Crash added in. ”And now we have a bigger problem on our hands now that they’ve got the mojo on theirs.” Coco looked shocked, "Sounds scary!! This Monsuta character sounds quite ominous." She looked to her laptop. "What's his species?"
Crash had not seen his species before. Neither did Aku Aku, but at least he recognized the species. ”He was an Akugon.” Crash said, looking around almost anxiously. "Akugon? I heard they're not from this verse.." Coco looked startled, but typed away on her laptop to find anything on
:iconxxabandonedpunsxx:xXAbandonedPunsXx 4 0
C: DoF: Chapter 8
Crash was delighted to see it, but he was overtaken by awe. He’d never been a sword fighter before - and now he had his chance. ”It’s amazing! I’ve always wanted one. Thank you!” He grasped the sword, being as careful as he could with it, as he just picked it up. Aaron grinned, "It's a pleasure to know. That'll be great for cutting thick grass and vines... Also, Crash... Even though you've defeated Khaos, those mutant plants are still all over... I think someone has been planting them there. And that's really bad." Aaron turned and looked around, giving Crash the strap-on sheath for his sword as well. Crash looked around. ”More plants? Looks like we’d better find out who’s responsible for them this time.” He had to take his leave, but not before thanking Aaron a second time. Once he got back home, he was ready for the day. ”Hey, Sabrina? As it turns out, those plants have shown up again.”
Sabrina looked to Chi and Aku Ak
:iconxxabandonedpunsxx:xXAbandonedPunsXx 4 0
C: DoF: Chapter 9
Sabrina looked back to Crash. "Thank you." She looked to Aku and Chi. "This could be really be  bad, Crash... I..." She looks down a bit, then looking up at Crash. "Crash??? I don't think this is a very good idea... I don't feel good..." She looked off to the side a bit. Chi blinked, "Eh? W-W-What's wrong, Sabby?" Crash was caught off-guard by Sabrina. He put his hand on her shoulder. "Sabrina, what is it?" He was concerned, but rather curious about this. She eyed to Aku then to Chi, then back to Crash. "I think I may be pregnant..." She bit at her claws on one hand, looking nervous. Chi floated back a bit, in surprise.
Crash was in absolute shock. She's... pregnant?!? Crikey! "Sabrina, we gotta get you to safety, and fast!" He looked for a way home, keeping in mind that was was going to be a father soon - he gulped at that thought. "Crash, what about the mission? You can't do it alone, man.. Maybe... If we can jack a wild Devitean, we'd be strong enough to take Monsuta down! But
:iconxxabandonedpunsxx:xXAbandonedPunsXx 4 0
C: Dof Chapter 11
Aaron then skids, seeing a fallen totem crossing over a pit of lava. "... This is the only way across... It's too wide to jump." Crunch looked to Aaron. ”It looks risky, but if it’s the only way, then we oughta do it, then.” He took a step onto the totem, hoping it wouldn’t sink. It was rather sturdy, so he could walk across. Necro followed after Crash and Aaron followed right behind, looking back at Crunch. Crunch kept moving along until he had crossed the pit, and Crash crossed it afterward behind him. Once across, Necro lowered down and listened, her overheard Uka and Monsuta talking.
The rest of the gang kept quiet as Uka Uka conversed with Monsuta. ”Now that we have the Mojo, what should we use it on first?” Monsuta grinned fiendishly, "How about we use it.. On us?" Aaron's eyes widen, this guy was serious business. Crash wasn’t one to let this happen. Monsuta was too strong of an enemy as he already was, so he’d do anything to preve
:iconxxabandonedpunsxx:xXAbandonedPunsXx 4 0
Mutant Carnivorous Plants Concept :iconxxabandonedpunsxx:xXAbandonedPunsXx 3 0 Teen Crunch Concept :iconxxabandonedpunsxx:xXAbandonedPunsXx 3 3 Special Snipe Concept :iconxxabandonedpunsxx:xXAbandonedPunsXx 2 0 Adult Coco Concept :iconxxabandonedpunsxx:xXAbandonedPunsXx 4 0 Fahrenheel Concept :iconxxabandonedpunsxx:xXAbandonedPunsXx 3 1 Gorynych the Dragon :icondmitriybarbashin:DmitriyBarbashin 64 1 MiniBoss Tod :icondmitriybarbashin:DmitriyBarbashin 117 2 Crystal Guard :icondmitriybarbashin:DmitriyBarbashin 185 0 Unhealing Dieing Save Me .:EddsHorror:. :iconsophiaarts1233:SophiaArts1233 30 3
Mature content
Bouncer~ .:EddsHorror:. :iconsophiaarts1233:SophiaArts1233 36 10
Nightmare Tom (little ref).:EDDSHORROR:. :iconsophiaarts1233:SophiaArts1233 56 13


well..i guess i need the finish the others main ocs

NAME: waterbolt washlight (yeah that´s his last name)

GENDER: male  

AGE: 12(inmortal)


NICKNAMES: water,waty,dummy,fatass(valen),waterpussy,water elemental(usually everyone use that nick name),tubby(he dislikes that nickname)

SPECIES: megamorp aquabeek dragon (yup,thats why he have dangerous teeth)

NATIONALITY: why should I know?..

APEARANCE(human disguise): waterfull colors hair, blue jacket with white blue in his belly,hat with dragon ears like dragotoy,strange blue gloves and also blue pants.

UNATURAL APEARANCE(truth/dragon form): fat blue dragon,large dragon ears,sharp teeth,stick saliva,shark instincts,sharp claws.

EYE EYECOLOR: blue(sometimes when he gets angry/insane his eye change to blue and his pupils white blue),red(salvage state)

RELATIONS: aqualina washlight(mother) freshgirl washlight(sister) bity's (girlfriend)...

LIKES: KFC,scare people and friends,eating,insane stuff,his plushies,ghouls,evil stuff,winning,his powers and inmortality,being a canivore,dead people,burritos and funny people, his family(sometimes),bitting,making chaos,making dangerous pranks,being a hero,demons.

DESLIKES: no food,good guys,being called fat or tubby,valen,destroying his stuff,losing his sanity,the zero family, evil girls,the heros,being "mutated" and being manipulated by demonic villains,JEWS..

PERSONALITY: happy,evil,insane,grumpy(sometimes),aggressive,vicious,manipulate,suprisely smart when he gets serious/sarcastic/polite,party wild,nice,rude,mysterious.

FEARS/PHOBIAS: loneliness,being muntated,losing 100% sanity(if this happens he will be possesed by krakenfor a enternity) lovely stuff,tried to being nice

THEME SONG:… (animal impulses by IAMX) or… (TOO FAR by ChaoticCanineCulture) or… (mia-rissy FNAF 3 song -salvage waterbolt theme-)

Abilities: breath under water,great swimer,sharp teeth,water spitt,water claws,water control,acid resistant(from the collar),mutageno rage,tsunami canon

FRIENDS: dragotoy,pideus,eric cartman,caleb,stan,stiches,wolx

ENEMIES: dragotoy(sometimes),pideus(sometimes),kyle(mortal enemy),valen(super mortal deadleist enemy),zecrom(my main villain oc),espino (my villain oc),darkotoy(my villain oc)




"that's cool!"

"i like human flesh and I'm proud for that!!"

"shut off you bitch!!"

"you thought I was nice,no I'm a shark!!"

"Let's have fun my friend!"-when he goes insane and tries kill you with a chainsaw.

"do you realize I'm better swimer like you"

If you want to know him more go ask questions please go ahead. Thanks.😊


elementals12's Profile Picture
valentina rusin
Artist | Student | Digital Art
name:valentine jimmena rusin
age: 13
bio:hello there, im valentine rusin the master of ocs.i lived in
canning in lauquen,i very like monsters,gore,magical creatures and dragons!!!im social and a little crazy,i like
making new friends,i like funny and beutyfall art like steven
universe,camp lakebottom,south park, the simpsons,fairy old parents,star vs the forces of evil and rick and morty
likes:monster and magical creatures,cool art,funny stuff,weird stuff,dragons,making friends and chocolate!!!!
delikes:horror movie,realistic gore,nightmare,cheaters,stealers,poisonous animals and
finally the darkness.


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